Mission Local Market and Local's Corner, and their owner Yaron Milgrom, are no longer the only targets for threatening, anti-gentrification graffiti along the 24th Street environs. As NBC Bay Area and others report, a long, threatening message was spray-painted on the side of Samy's Liquors along Bryant Street at 24th Street, around the corner from longtime area businesses La Torta Gorda and Roosevelt Tamale Parlor (2817 24th Street), and down the block from St. Francis Fountain.

The message, which appeared on Friday morning and has since been painted over, said:

This is my fair warning to the hipsters and the yuppies: Get the fuck out the Mission!! Before this shit starts gettin ugly! You have six months. Keep it kickin'!! If you don't, it won't be funny!! My soldiers will gladly come out gunnin'. Kill hipsters + yuppies.

Roosevelt Tamale Parlor owner Aaron Presbrey tells NBC, "Some of that could be directed toward me personally, but I'm also concerned about its affect on business and whether or not people will want to come to this neighborhood."

The graffiti, of course, had nothing to do with the Roosevelt specifically, and could have been referring to any number of area businesses including Milgrom's (Local's Corner is just a block away at 23rd and Bryant), or even Sushi Bistro, which expanded to the same block from the Richmond two years ago. It also could have just been a general death threat to all recent invaders of the neighborhood, since tensions between longtime residents and new, often tech-employed renters have been reaching a boiling point in recent years.

But the irony about Roosevelt Tamale Parlor being the subject of NBC's coverage is that it was originally opened over 90 years ago by a Dutchman, himself a transplant to the neighborhood which was then only partly Latino, whose name was Roosevelt. It changed hands several times over the years, being owned by a couple of Latino families before coming under the ownership of Presbrey and his partner chef Barry Moore — longtime head chef at Emmy's Spaghetti Shack — in late 2012, who made it a goal to improve the food while still preserving some of the restaurant's long history.

The SFPD is currently investigating the vandalism and hoping to tie it to a regular tagger via the signature, which looked like "Oboso" or "Obobo." KTVU reports they're saying the tagger could be charged with making a terrorist threat, even though no one really believes that this jerk has "soldiers" who are going to randomly shoot up the whole neighborhood in six months. But, then, you never know.

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