I've been walking past this abandoned lemonade stand for over a year now, occasionally snapping photos of the clever quips, some of them Peanuts-style (e.g. "Your neighbor's NSA records 5¢"), created by an anonymous mother along Noe Street for everyone's amusement.

As 7x7's David Lytle notes today, it's called the Noe So Cute sign (on Noe Street, between Beaver and 15th), and it all started because the parents of a child who lives there "originally built the structure to help their toddler son, Wally, sell lemonade." Like everything else, you can now follow it on Twitter, and hashtag #noesocute when you snap it yourself.

Now it sits as an ever-changing piece of art, its chalkboard signage changing with seasons, and the latest headlines. It is, undoubtedly, one of the many small wonders of San Francisco.

Also, the same family installed one of those Little Free Library boxes outside the house, for carefree lending and borrowing of books. Even though it was stolen in May, it was quickly replaced with the help of neighbors and fans.

[h/t: 7x7]