It has come to our attention that not all SFist readers realize that you can still read the site in the old-fashioned, reverse-chronological, stacked-story way of our blog forebears. But you can!

Sure, many of you probably enjoy our redesign, which has had a couple iterations in the past few years, and which is referred to in our navigation as the "Pretty" view option. The only disadvantage there is that if you come to the site just once or twice a day and want to scan down to see what's been posted in what order, you can't so easily do that.

So, please observe the following demo: Put your cursor up to the top nav bar up there, and click MORE. You'll get a drop-down window that will look like this:

Click "Blog" under the view options, and voila! Now the site will default to that simpler, stacked view the next time you come back, and until you opt to use the "Pretty" view again. Aren't options nice?

This concludes our public-service announcement. Have a lovely Thursday.

P.S. Our apologies to anyone who can't get rid of those newsletter pop-ups. The situation is being remedied.