How did your 4th-of-July travel go? Anyone who happened to be aboard US Airways Flight 667 from Philadelphia to SFO last night did not have that terrific a time.

As passenger Kimberly Pye reports, the flight was already delayed a couple of hours due to technical/mechanical problems on the tarmac, and, sadly, it seems that delay led to an elderly gentleman urinating in his seat. "Two different US Airways employees asked him to get off the plane, being very careful not to make a scene," she reports, but he refused, after which point all passengers were permitted to leave the plane under the Tarmac Delay Rule, which prohibits keeping passengers trapped on delayed flights more than three hours.

Pye however did not deplane, and, as she puts it, stayed "to watch the show" when the older man had to be forcibly removed from the plan. He reportedly insisted, "I'll get off the plane in San Francisco." See her photo of the situation here.

The flight ended up being delayed just over four hours, landing at SFO at 3:14 a.m. after departing Philadelphia about four and a half hours after its scheduled departure.

Ugh, right? But poor fella. He was probably being told to stay seated and just couldn't hold it...

[Instagram via Iconosquare]