Updated: San Jose's Joey Chestnut ate 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes, winning Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Contest in Coney Island for the eighth time. San Jose's Matt Stonie came in second, just as he did in 2013. According to ESPN, Chestnut was "neck-and-neck" with Stonie for the first eight minutes, but pulled ahead in the final minute to win. Congrats to you both!

San Jose has not one, but two competitive eaters vying to win Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Contest in Coney Island on July 4. Which raises the question, what the hell is going on in San Jose?

Apparently, hot dog eating. And a lot of it. Watch in the video below as Matt Stonie preps to beat reigning champion—and fellow San Jose resident—Joey Chestnut, who last year set the record by eating 69 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. Stonie finished second, eating 51 dogs and buns in the same time.

Chestnut is the seven-time male champion and, according to the Associated Press, weighed in today at 205 pounds. Young Stonie is a wee 130 pounds.

Stonie’s video warns: “Do not try this on your own without medical supervision.” Maybe don’t try this ever, and definitely don’t feel bad about grabbing an extra dog off the grill this weekend or pigging out using our list of the 9 Best Hot Dogs in San Francisco.

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog contest airs July 4 on ESPN 3 & ESPNews.

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