Remember that ridiculous California law that would have require all bartenders, sushi chefs, and anyone handling food or beverages to wear rubber gloves all the time? Well, AB1252, as it was named, was successfully repealed in the form of AB2130, which was signed by the governor over the weekend. As the Chron reports, the repeal was introduced by the same fool naive Assemblyman, Dr. Richard Pan, who admitted that his original legislation might not have been "thoroughly vetted" before it took effect in January.

No one actually took the law seriously, however, and Pan, tail between legs, introduced the repeal bill almost immediately after receiving so much blowback from the food-service and beverage industries.

There was also blowback from environmentalists because it would have required workers to change gloves practically every five minutes, creating mountains of waste. The law was supposed to have been enforced as of June, but the repeal was essentially a done deal.

Pan, who's a pediatrician based in Sacramento, seemed to have no clue that the law was going to create such complications for, say, bartenders who have to handle fruit that goes into drinks. His original intent had been to "minimize hand contact with ready-to-eat foods," even though hands have come into contact with foods since the dawn of time.

Anyway, thankfully, that little blip is behind us.