As noted a few weeks ago, Johannes Mehserle, the BART cop who shot and killed Oscar Grant III on New Year's Day 2009, was back in court for yet another civil case related to the unarmed man's death. How much money has gone into the multiple trials that resulted from Grant's slaying? Let's look at the numbers.

  • $6.1 million: The amount of money BART has paid, so far, to fight or settle the federal lawsuits and related cases following the shooting
  • $4.2 million: The amount of money paid to the lawyers and experts representing both sides
  • $3.1 million:The amount of money paid, so far, to the six or so law firms representing BART in the case
  • $366,000: The amount of money BART's paid Berry Wilkinson Law Group to defend BART officers, "including in an ongoing lawsuit filed by Grant's father and relatives of another man who was on the Fruitvale platform that night"
  • $734,000: The amount of money BART has paid Liebert Cassidy Whitmore to help them fire former BART cop Anthony Pirone, who was with Mehserle during the slaying (the same guy who, a couple years later, was charged with unemployment fraud)
  • $223,000: The amount of money BART paid William Rapoport to defend Pirone in the civil suits filed over the shooting
  • $381,000: The amount of money BART has paid police union lawyers at Rains Lucia Stern to defend them (and Mehserle) in civil cases
  • $3 million: The amount of the settlements negotiated for Grant's mother, daughter and girlfriend
  • Over $1.1 million: The amount of money civil rights attorney John Burris estimates he's pocketed as his share of those settlements

All figures: S.F. loses Lucas museum, but Sports Basement to stay a while, June 30, 2014, San Francisco Chronicle

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