To handle the potential offers of modeling contracts and reality TV gigs that have been flooding in for that very attractive rumored gang member Jeremy Meeks, his family has hired Gina Rodriguez of GR Media, who must have made a beeline to offer her services after Meeks's photos "broke the internet," as they say. But now, Rodriguez is telling the media that she's been hounded with death threats ever since her name was publicized in connection to Meeks.

Rodriguez has represented other such major stars as "Teen Mom"-star-turned-porn-star Farrah Abraham, and "Octomom" Nadya Suleman, and as she told Fox News last week, she's already talked with four production companies and three modeling agencies about signing Meeks. Also, somehow, she's gotten herself involved in trying to lower Meeks's bail, which is set at $1.1 million, and she says, "We're trying to secure him some of these deals so that when he gets out, it can change his life, literally."

Rodriguez now says that she's gotten over two dozen threatening phone calls (from jealous admirers? rival gang members?), and she's having the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department look into it. It remains to be seen if she's just trying to keep Meeks's name in peoples' news feeds any way she can until they can get him out of jail and into the Big Brother house.

As a reminder, Meeks is a convicted felon who apparently had a lot of weapons in his home, and he has rumored connections to a Stockton gang called the Northside Gangster Crips.

Update: Yep, and as of July 1, Rodriguez confirms she has landed Meeks a contract with L.A.-based Blaze Models. And Gawker and others are referring to her as Meeks' agent, not manager. [Gawker]

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