We loved that debaucherous, totally envy-inducing night in which Vice took the State Bird Provisions crew, and some of their friends, out to Ramen Shop and back to the city to drink and then back to the restaurant for 3 a.m. curry. Now the Munchies series is back with a girl-power video starring Atelier Crenn chef and all around hottie Dominique Crenn, and featuring Bar Tartine co-chef Cortney Burns. Also along for the ride is Crenn's friend Mika Takeuchi,

First, the trio goes to Rich Table and eats a feast. Then they head to Gourmet & More around the corner in Hayes Valley, which Crenn says reminds her of her childhood with all the cheeses and French sodas and macarons. Then—though this isn't as debaucherous an affair as the previous video—the ladies go downtown to Trou Normand and sip on some Calvados cocktails — Crenn is actually from France, so this is a fitting stop.