Thursday evening a BMW 3-series, an entry-level luxury vehicle at best, caught fire inside the parking garage at One Rincon Hill, San Francisco's tallest apartment building.

According to ABC7, firefighters rushed in while thick, black smoke poured out of the garage. The sprinkler system also kicked in, so everyone else's car got a free car wash. The fire was apparently under the hood of the BMW and fire crews had to bash it open to get inside. Update: Although ABC reported this as a Beamer on fire, as one commenter points out, the hood-bashing was done on a Mercedes. You get the point though.

The tower, if you're not familiar, was once referred to as the "Middle-Finger Building" and has its own movie trailer that looks like it was shot by Michael Bay. It also sits on prime SoMa real estate, on First Street right next to the freeway, so traffic stalled as drivers on their evening commutes expressed their schadenfreude through braking.

No injuries were reported, but ABC7's Nick Smith was on the scene, once Dan Ashley explains where the South of Market neighborhood is: