Jeremy Meeks, whose photo you see above courtesy of the Stockton Police Department's Facebook page/mugshot feed, was arrested in Stockton, California on Wednesday when the department served 11 warrants in sweep called Operation Ceasefire. Despite his apparent fondness for firearms, 30-year-old Meeks became immediately famous online due to his arresting good looks.

Among the four weapons seized were an M-4 knockoff, a bolt-action rifle, a handgun and pistol-grip, pump-action shotgun. Three other people were arrested in the operation: Joelin Coleman, Terry Bailey, and Juzri Deon Coleman, but they were apparently not hot enough to warrant the same attention as Meeks, whose mugshot blew up on Facebook, where it currently has about 22,000 likes, not including the roughly 150,000 more on Fox 40 Sacramento's Facebook page.

Adding to Meeks' internet stardom, the hubbub prompted viral entertainment site Uproxx to declare women were "losing their shit" over the aforementioned mugshot. Facebook comments on the mugshot included such lines as (sic throughout):

  • "Oh my goodness. He's more attractive than half of the Calvin Klein models I've seen."
  • "Rape me !!! Hahaha"
  • "Lol I see prison hotties calendar in the making for all those who can see past the crimes."
  • "To bad, he's chosen that lifestyle,so much potential, with those looks,"