For those not living under YouTube-free rocks the last half-decade, you should know that OK Go specializes in the type of music video that goes crazy viral because of its sheer awesomeness and ingenuity, and they seem to need to outdo themselves each time they make a new one. There was 2009's breakout viral hit that started it all, "Here We Go Again," with all that impressive treadmill dance work (21 million views); 2009's very psychedelic video for "WTF?" (2.5 million views); 2010's "End Love" featuring some 1970s-style fast-forward editing and swell choreography (9.4 million views); the silly pet tricks of 2010's "White Knuckles" (16.8 million views); 2010's "This Too Shall Pass" featuring a very elaborate Rube Goldberg machine all shot in one take (43 million views); 2011's collaboration with the Muppets on the "Muppet Show Theme" (6.9 million views): 2012's wildly elaborate, all acoustic sound experiment, "Needing/Getting," using that souped-up car and the race course of instruments that are "played" by the car (28 million views); and now this.

It's the video for their song "The Writings On the Wall," it's again shot all in one take, involving a massive amount of choreography, practice, set-up, and help from dozens of other people (you can see them all appear out of nowhere at the end of the video). The name of the game is optical illusions, all of which involve the band members themselves. In a word: amazing. And that is exactly what 90% of the Facebook shares will simply say today as this wends its way around the world.