Those pranksters who were tipping Smart cars around Bernal back in April, or some copycat vandals, were back it late Thursday night / early Friday, tipping two more vehicles around Twin Peaks and Cole Valley. The first incident happened at Clayton and Parnassus around 3:40 a.m. Friday, and likely the same suspects moved on to repeat the crime a few blocks away at 5:38 a.m., at Clayton Street just past 17th.

These two tippings follow on the spate of four tipped Smart cars around Portola Valley and Bernal Heights the night of April 6. And the prank is something that's spread to San Francisco via Canada and Europe, where the lightweight cars have been getting tipped for sport since around 2009.

In the April incidents, the suspects were described as a "gang of hooded vandals," but it's unclear if this new round is the work of the same people.

As the Chronicle dutifully reports, "There's been no evidence of a common motive for the crimes." No, because it's just a funny thing to do while drunk, and the cars only weigh 1,600 pounds and look funny. Not that we are condoning this destructive and childish behavior, because we are not.

To be clear, SFist is anti-vandalism. Hold your comments.

Below, a GIF showing how this was done in Vancouver, following a hockey game win, or something like that, in 2011.

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