As we mentioned the other day, the Mission is where you can often succeed in outrunning the fog during these summer months. And on some afternoons when the fog has burned off over most of downtown and the inner city, a bank of thick gray still sits stubbornly over the western half of town, with the fog line often around Alamo Square.

Note this text exchange between the gals of Rice Paper Scissors, who operate a daily lunch service at Brick & Mortar in the Mission, but also do a weekly pop-up on Thursday evenings at Mojo Bicycle Cafe on Divis. One of the women, either Valerie Luu or Katie Kwan, was tweeting with Mission Mission's Allen Hough yesterday right around that fog hour of 6 p.m. See above.

That journey, it's true, can be like going from Florida to Canada in mere minutes.

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