The San Francisco Police Department's anti-bike theft unit continued their great work on social media this week. Professional and recidivist bike thief Sean Sixta, wanted by the SFPD since last year, was spotted by surveillance cameras inside the parking garage of a building at Bryant and 20th Streets in the Mission. Before he could get out of the building with the two bikes he was attempting to steal, he was picked up by a security patrol and arrested on the property.

According to a note sent to building residents by the building's management, Sixta probably snuck into the building through the garage, possibly behind another resident. An independent contractor monitoring the security footage saw Sixta acting shady and alerted the security patrol. In addition to the stolen property, he was found in possession of wirecutters, a garage door opener and other burglary tools. He was charged with "several felonies" and a probation violation. He was also found guilty of taking a really awful mugshot for the second time in a year:

Sixta was also arrested last year and according to Officer Matt Friedman, who runs the thief-shaming account, he has quite a rap sheet with at least six other arrests for stolen bikes. During one of his arrests he was found with a modified car jack that he uses for busting open U-locks. The guy just can't keep his hands off of bicycles, it seems. Here's how he looked getting into a squad car last October: