Perpetually empty Indian restaurant Amber Dhara (680 Valencia Street) is facing further problems after it's come to light that they were shut down by the Health Department last week for a rodent infestation. Health inspector Douglas Obana spoke to Eater and said that it was a repeated violation that he had observed in both late April and early May, and when he returned to find the issue unresolved last week he forced the restaurant to shut down on Thursday.

Amber Dhara reopened for the weekend on Friday after sealing up an elevator shaft, which appears to have been a source of the rodent problem.

This is the last thing this restaurant needs, of course, after opening two years ago with its vast, 6,000-square-foot dining room and bar and quickly garnering a not-so-great review from Bauer. He returned last fall to give them a "Most Improved" award, but I'm not sure it's helped business — the place remains, just, way too big, regardless of the quality of the food.

Also, they have an ongoing problem with bad PR from union workers who regularly put big, scary, inflatable grim reapers and rats outside their businesses — a grim reaper recently appeared outside Amber Dhara, but these have been frequently sighted at their sister restaurant downtown, Amber India. It apparently has something to do with their refusal to hire union carpenters.

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