Eager, attention-grabbing benefactor @HiddenCash, who started making headlines two weekends ago with his anonymous stashings of cash-stuffed envelopes and Twitter scavenger hunt in San Francisco, is back in the Bay Area after setting off a frenzy in L.A. last week. And he's promising "some EPIC fun" for this coming weekend.

Crowds went nuts going after Hidden Cash envelopes in Los Feliz and Burbank on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and the anonymous real estate millionaire proceeded to stash 20s and 100s in bottles of bubbles that were stashed in a park near the Hollywood sign. (See photo.) He also stashed money in 36 plastic toys that were buried in the sand at Hermosa Beach one night. And he stashed five envelopes in Centennial Park in Bakersfield on Sunday, apparently while on his way back to the Bay. He said that he decided to branch out to SoCal because he was headed there on business last week just as his San Francisco cash drops were getting wide media attention.

He's made hints that he'll try out some of this craziness in New York at some point, but for now, he's back home, and already hinting. And he seems rather perturbed about copycats.

Is this simply the "anonymous social experiment for good" that he says? Does he have any other intentions, besides enjoying all this attention and creating minor public mayhem?

We shall see.

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