After almost seven years at SFist, I end my tenure today as editor-in-chief. And what a remarkable time it's been, yes? The laughter, the tears, the furious commenters, the national press, the frantic phone calls from 901 Mission, the changing city landscape, the Glass, the deplorable teens, the imitators, the awards, the love, the merriment — guiding SFist has been a pinnacle, an epic saga, a delight.

A mammoth-sized thank you goes out to Andrew Dalton, Jay Barmann, Eve Batey, and everyone else who helped craft SFist into the wildly popular site it is today. Many thanks to Jen Chung and Jake Dobkin (Gothamist co-founders) for allowing me to steer SFist for so long.

Out of the many stories I've covered (San Bruno PG&E fire, the Newsom era, the George Bush sewage plant, whatever people are cramming down their thoats at the moment), what I'll miss most here is, alas, the commenters. Yes. I know. I'm just as surprised. Among other things, what makes SFist distinctive is the closeness we have with our (many) readers. From Hilary's Quivering Lip to MrEricSir to Katy to sftitan to Porked Bun to Patrick Connors to Miles_Long to those who spiraled out of control into banned territory to those I haven't named, thanks for keeping me on my toes and keeping me entertained. You're all insane. And I enjoy your remarks almost as much as I enjoy mocking the Mission.

No, thank you.