This summer, several of San Francisco's elected officials will get a 2.6 percent raise! Here's what some of the folks you see in the news will be making starting July 1, in order of the lowest salary (sorry but not really that sorry, Board of Supes) to the best paid (I won't spoil it for you). Keep in mind, this is their base salary, and doesn't include any additional income from kickbacks, appointments, committees, etc.

$110,858: All 11 members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

$177,556: Treasurer and Tax Collector Jose Cisneros

$182,175: Assessor-Recorder Carmen Chu. Nice bump from her days as District 4 Supe, eh?

$218,526: San Francisco County Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. Speaking of nice bumps! Oh, wait, did you think I was talking about this? No, I just meant from his recent days as District 5 Supe.

$228,142: Public Defender Jeff Adachi

$234,634: City Attorney Dennis Herrera

$252,109: District Attorney George Gascón. Here's a fun one: by comparison, Gascón's successor as SF police chief, Greg Suhr, made headlines as the highest paid police chief in the nation in 2012, when he started making $307,000 a year.

$285,319: Mayor Ed Lee

Unless otherwise noted, all salary information from SF elected officials’ salaries bumped by 2.6 percent, May 28, 2014 SF Examiner