Ring the alarm. Pick a side. Have a friend hold your hoops. The Soulrrito, the transmogrified burrito that divided a city and sparked a bloody revolution, will return on Saturday. And this time it comes bearing fried chicken. (Delicious!)

Tamara Palmer, who broke the story for The Bold Italic, has more on Papalote's latest offering:

Escobedo says they’ll make three times as many Soulrritos with fried chicken to sell on Saturday (May 31) beginning at 11 a.m. at the 24th Street location of his Papalote Mexican Grill. Sixty of the last version sold out in 30 minutes last week, so it’s still a good idea to go early if you’re intrigued. The prices are the same as last week: $11.25 for the fried chicken Soulrrito and $9.10 for the vegetarian version with soyrizo.

Read all about it.

Saturday's unleashing of the Soulrrito at Papalote prompted both a swelling of support and a formidable backlash. The SFist Facebook page alone saw a slew of ire aimed at the Soulrrito. A few commenters, however, didn't buy into the anger. Halley Pearson sounded off on Soulrrito naysayers, saying: "Why are people such haters? It was one day! I'm sure whoever got one enjoyed it. And if you're not into it then don't say anything. You just sound like an uptight asshole with nothing better to do with your time then bitch about other people you know absolutely nothing about."

It all goes down again this Saturday at Papalote, starting at 11 am at 3409 24th Street.