Sunday afternoon, during the denouement of the annual Bay to Breakers festivities, a naked man reportedly jumped the fence at the bison paddock in Golden Gate Park and proceeded to taunt the bison in the nude. The bison were apparently unimpressed.

Scanner Says, a reliable and occasionally humorous twitter account that follows the SFPD and SFFD scanners for breaking incidents, first reported the news around 1 p.m. on Sunday:

Then, SFPD confirmed the arrest via their own official twitter account:

At press time, SFist could not find any photos of the naked man inside the bison paddock, taunting Dianne Feinstein's buffalo herd. If anyone happens to have snagged any photos of the bison flasher, please send along to [email protected].

Update: One witness on Reddit spotted the suspect jumping the fence. He was apparently wearing clothes at that time.

Update Monday, May 19th: Reader Jacob M. sends in video of the man's arrest.