When night falls, and the startup bros trudge home to the Mission, all of Eastern SoMa/Mission Bay's eateries come to life — e.g., Twenty Five Lusk (underrated LA chic palace), Saison (as famous for its molecular fare as it is fisticuffs in the kitchen), Tres (the less said the better), and Marlowe (simply the best). Now a new wine bar will enter the fray. Mark Bright, noted wine director/co-owner of Saison and owner of Cafe Vinyl, plans on opening a place in the old gluten-free shop at 234 Townsend.

Eater has more:

The space is intended as an all-day cafe for the neighborhood, where local office types can come in for a sit-down breakfast, grab lunch, or enjoy a glass of wine after work. It'll be more high-end than Vinyl, with a Parisian-inspired feel. While the cafe won't have a full kitchen, Bright is still aiming to execute as full a menu as possible using induction burners and other alternative cooking techniques (he cites similarly situated Local's Corner as an inspiration)

The place will hold somewhere around 30-35 people. Name and menu TK. Oh, and Bright will also donate a portion of his proceed's to the Little Giants youth baseball team.