An unknown teen (or worse: a group of teens!) from San Francisco's Lowell High School is thought to be responsible for a prank flyer announcing "mandatory penis inspections on all male students, faculty and staff." Snicker.

The flyer, which might as well have been written by Chris Lilley and produced by Judd Apatow, appeared in teachers' mailboxes. It was signed by one "Richard L. Dong, Head Penis Inspector," who is apparently in charge of the country's "No Penis Left Behind" initiative.

The flyers (we've handily included a copy of the whole thing below) also appeared around the halls of the school and the prank won a lot of praise on the local Reddit board, where dick jokes tend to proliferate. One commenter even claims the teachers in Lowell's English department "really liked this prank."

The administration, on the other hand, delivered a stern statement without once using the word "penis." From the Chronicle:

"Late Monday afternoon, flyers announcing a phony inspection notice for students were posted in the halls of Lowell High," according to a district statement. "The flyers, which mentioned a male body part, were removed and the dean of students at Lowell is investigating. Lowell administration is regarding this incident as a senior prank, and the infractions will be addressed according to school and district policies."

Despite internet notoriety and a happy ending for the pranksters, who have yet to be caught, the Chronicle ends things with the ultimate boner-kill: It turns out the letter is remarkably similar to one that made the rounds in 2012 at Castro Valley High and before that at Belmont's Carlmont High in 2011.


[H/t Reddit]

(Photo via: Reddit)