Thursday's May Day rally in San Francisco overlapped with Food Not Bombs' weekly food share at 16th and Mission, resulting in the arrests of both marchers and FNB workers. Police even allegedly flipped over a food table during the melee. SF Food Not Bombs has more:

SFPD officers quickly surrounded a group of marchers, refusing to let them voluntarily return from the street to the sidewalk. The cops arrested about ten people, including some FNB members, and tackled at least one detainee. They also flipped over our serving table, destroying the rice, bread and guacamole intended for hungry people, and stole the table, a SFFNB sign and some of our serving bowls and utensils.

Beginning at 24th Street, "[h]undreds of people participated in the rally and march which took participants down Mission street, ending at 16th and Mission,"
according to the Chronicle,

May Day marches popped up throughout the Bay Area, with a sundry of groups calling for an end to deportations, seeking to "draw connections between the struggle of Bay Area people and color and a broader fight for economic and social justice nationwide," opposing police brutality, and more. Another group, Out4Immigration, marched in San Francisco to support LGBTQ families vis-a-vis immigration. "The group is urging U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-San Francisco, to include LGBTQ families in the Uniting American Families Act, which was introduced in the Senate in February, reports SF Appeal. "The bill proposes changes to immigration policy for bi-national partners."

Some photos from yesterday's SF May Day march in the Mission: