As noted back in February, at least part of the new Godzilla movie is set in San Francisco. (In fact, the film's site presently displays a lovely animation of our city in flames.) In a new trailer released to Asian audiences Monday (embedded below), we get even more details on the wrath he unleashes on SF, and of course, he's all over the Golden Gate Bridge.

As discussed before, destructive cinematic forces have long-loved to hit the GGB hard, from apes to an octopus to Magneto. (Not to victim blame here, but maybe that's what you get when you keep jacking up tolls?)

One aspect of San Francisco that may make Godzilla even more of a ragemonster: our well-known reputation as a city of slender men, combined with the news that Japanese fans are calling this Godzilla out for being "too fat." Which, isn't the life of "an enormous, violent, prehistoric sea monster awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation" rough enough, do we need to give him body issues too? Don't feel bad, G, the Bay Area has a number of shape-acceptance support groups which will welcome you with open arms.

Godzilla is expected in theaters on May 16.