On the up-and-made-it stretch of Divisadero (or "the New Valencia" if you must, but you shouldn't), a noted fried chicken joint could be the next restaurant to get a complete overhaul. According to Hoodline today, the Popeye's location that has held the corner at Divisadero and Hayes for 28 years is available for a long-term sublease.

As Hoodline reports, the current leaseholder seems to be testing the waters: the lease has 22 more years left on it and any sub-letter will have the option of simply taking over and continuing to churn out Popeye's (delicious) Louisiana fried chicken or putting in something completely new. The real estate listing, we should note, has a quaint rendering of a hypothetical "Cafe Pan Handle" and boasts that the neighborhood has "become one of the strongest and fastest growing restaurant locations in San Francisco with fine casual dining in abundance."

There's currently no asking price, we're assuming because the Popeye's already pays the rent and the leaseholder is holding out for someone with deep pockets to swoop in with a generous offer for the busy corner spot across from Nopa and Bi-Rite. It's extremely unlikely that another chain store would take over, given the opposition that Chase Bank faced when moving in a block south at Oak Street in 2011.

In other recent neighborhood developments: 4505 Meats' Burgers and BBQ is scheduled to open early next month in the former home of Da Pitt BBQ. La Urbana's upscale Mexican took over a horticulture supply store last year. The Mill sells $3.50 toast where a neighborhood grocery store sat vacant for years. A palm reader moved into a space left vacant when Film Yard Video eventually failed, a wine bar opened down the street where that same palm reader used to be and Bean Bag Café finally got some new tables that don't wobble so much.

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