Whole Foods clerk and maggot whistleblower Marc Melancon tells a horrifying tale of something squirmy he found in the Noe Valley store's meat case.

According to Melancon, he found "more than 40" disgusting fly larvae in the case following a customer's complaint.

Whole Foods, on the other hand, played it cool to with Public Health Department after finding the little critters, reporting that only "one dead maggot" had been found and that it had not been in contact with any of the meat. However, if we learned anything from horror movies, it's that no one ever finds just one maggot anywhere.

In light of the creepy revelation, the market's meat case was cleaned out three times last week, and Health Department inspectors say the public's health was never at risk. Whole Foods plans on dismantling their meat case for another cleaning today, followed by a thorough scrubbing of the entire meat department on Tuesday.

KRON4 has more on the "horrific" discovery: