Donald Sterling, real estate mogul and owner of the LA Clippers, came under over the weekend after a recording was released on Friday, allegedly capturing the billionaire during one of his racist screeds. (Hear the entire recording at Deadspin.)

Although the team has yet to make an official statement, several Warriors players have spoken out. A day before Game 4 of the playoffs, Stephen Curry, via sports writer Marcus Thompson, had this to say during a meeting with the media on Saturday:

According to Golden State of Mind, "Stephen Curry's remarks were probably the most forceful in demanding action, but both Andre Iguodala and Jermaine O'Neal had thoughtful points as well in response to other issues that have come up in response to the controversy."

Former Warrior Baron Davis, who used to play for Sterling, says he wasn't too surprised:

Sterling's alleged remarks also drew responses from LeBron James Snoop Dogg, and even President Obama.

Both Jesse Jackson and Keith Olbermann called for a player boycott of all games until the NBA does something. SFist's sports columnist e.Chang had this to say about the boycott and the Clippers' response: "The Clippers organization, somewhat understandably, have been weak in their response, but calls for some sort of player protest or boycott have been growing, including for the Warriors players to join in solidarity. I can't see that happening, but I truly hope they refuse to take the court, at least for thirty very uncomfortable minutes just so we can watch the league, the networks, and advertisers squirm."

The Warriors and Clippers are in the first round of the western conference playoffs, with the Clippers in the lead 2-1. NBA commissioner Adam Silver confirmed Sterling will not be in attendance at today's game. Tip off is at 12:30.

Update: In a silent protest at the start of Game 4 today at Oracle Arena, the Clippers dumped their shooting shirts at center court:

...and turned their warm-up gear inside out:

Meanwhile, in the stands:

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