After briefly making their $1,500 face computer available to the general public earlier this month, Google has apparently re-opened the sale of Glass to anyone in the U.S. Before going on sale to the general public, hopeful Glassers previously had to apply to the Explorers program — i.e., a glorified wait-list. Note: see update below

Even though the Mountain View-based tech company didn't make a big deal about today's announcement, the Google Glass checkout page shows that they've already sold out their stock.

Another public sale would suggest that Google's newest strategy is to simply get the device out there and on as many faces as possible. (Or, as Gizmodo notes, maybe Google just screwed up and set the page live by accident, but Google Glass Geeks made their way through the ordering process earlier today.)

Today's sale comes after yet another Glass user was robbed in Venice Beach. Also in Glass related news, even Robert Scoble, the tech community's biggest cheerleader for the device, felt embarrassed when he noticed two guys wearing Glass during a Skrillex set at Coachella. When will they learn?

Update: According to TechCrunch, the device is not quite on sale again. From Google PR: "This link was created to accommodate potential Explorers who were still in the pipeline from last week’s sale. We’re shutting it down shortly. As always, we will continue to experiment with ways to expand the Explorer program in the weeks and months ahead."

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