A heads-up to all active and would-be bike thieves: SFPD will plant the city with bait bikes ready to tempt scheming ne'er-do-wells.

"We have bait bikes deployed all over the city. Our bikes have trackers. You steal our bikes and we will definitely come for them," SFPD Bike Theft Unit's warning shot declares. "If you think the bike you are selling on craigslist is stolen, then it probably is. Guess what, you are subject to felony arrest if/when we find you. Jail is waiting and your face will be all over social media."

The campaign will brand itself via stickers, asking/warning, "Is this a bait bike?" SFPD has printed 30,000 of these stickers to hand out.

Bike chop shops are serious problems in the city, one that the SFPD's Bike Theft Unit has worked hard at over the last year to squelch. Bait bikes will, presumably, help dwindle the amount of bike thefts in the city. (And, no, we probably won't see Bait Car-ish reality show anytime in the near future. Alas.)