Not since the blessing scam tote bag riot of 2013 has San Francisco's Chinatown seen such a melee!

According to the SF Examiner, the Walgreens at Stockton near Vallejo was the scene of "a bit of a riot" Tuesday when the retailer offered a dozen eggs for 99 cents.Walgreen's neighbor John Murnin tells the Ex that "all these 50-, 60-, 80-year-old women" were "fist fighting - over eggs" after the drugstore's ovum supply was depleted.

This isn't the first time this Walgreens has made headlines in recent days—as loyal readers might recall, the store was recently closed by a San Francisco health inspector after reports of a vermin infestation.

"You can smell the rat infestation in there and I've mentioned it to management before at Walgreens and nothings ever done," customer Jeffrey Bilbrey said earlier this week. "There's no way you can clean up the rats or the cockroaches."

Easier to clean up, apparently, are battling old ladies: while an SFPD spokesperson confirms that Central Station officers were called to the scene and that about 20 people were fighting over the remaining eggs, they say that once they arrived, "the crowd dispersed without further incident."

Murnin, however, still thinks Walgreens has a lot to answer for. "Walgreens really screwed it up...Putting on a sale in a poor neighborhood and not having enough eggs for the poor people that came for them."

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