Starting today, Instacart will deliver for Rainbow Grocery. The delivery service sealed the deal with the popular and conscientious co-op, meaning that you'll be able to get to city's most respected grocer's items whisked to your door today. (Far better than AmazonFresh or—god forbid—Walmart To Go.)

Paul Knowles of Rainbow explains why they went with another service in lieu of in-house delivery: "As we explored ways to expand the geographic base of our customers and spread our mission, we talked internally about launching our own delivery service. Unfortunately the cost and logistics were significant and beyond our expertise. Partnering with Instacart enables Rainbow Grocery Cooperative to offer customers the convenience of professional-quality delivery while allowing us to focus on what we do best: providing San Francisco with the best-priced, finest selection of health food and healthy living options under one cooperatively run, worker-owned roof."

Although Instacart already allows you to receive deliveries from Safeway and Whole Foods, Rainbow is a boon for the delivery service — artisanal organic street cred, if you will. After all, Rainbow is the go-to place for many chefs and people worried about social awareness when it comes to their food. Rainbow has an excellent dairy department, bakery section, a dazzling array of Dr. Hauschka products, and TWO kinds of nutritional yeast!

Same-day delivery starts today. Have at it, folks.