On the heels of last week's barfy tech shuttle protest, Google VC and hero to all canines Kevin Rose woke up Sunday morning to find protesters outside his San Francisco home (carrying a banner reading, "IMA SNIP SNIP YR BALLZ") and his neighborhood strewn with a missive noting what a "parasite" he is. Without going into pesky specifics, the note accuses Rose of helping destroy the city's cultural landscape. Also, for good measure, there's something in there about fellatio.

Check it:

The note, claiming to speak for all service workers, accuses the city's tech ilk of being "just like Kevin Rose." For his part, Rose tweeted, “I did agree w/ them that we need to solve rising rents, keep the SF culture, and crack down on landlords booting folks out.” (Which, yes, is problem, but not Rose's fault.) The overarching concern, if I may, is that San Francisco has turned into a petri dish for young (young is imperative) tech workers trying to make it big. Neighborhoods like the Castro, the Mission, and the rechristened MidMarket are now hotbeds for dastardly, openly-tech behavior (e.g., waiting in line at Four Barrel, snapchatting, talk about 1s and 0s).

So why was Rose targeted? According to IndyBay.org, Sunday's protest was all part of a larger plan from a group called "The Counterforce." Seems they want Google to give three billion dollars to an anarchist organization of their choosing. Via TechCrunch:

To this end, we now make our first clear demand of Google. We demand that Google give three billion dollars to an anarchist organization of our choosing. This money will then be used to create autonomous, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist communities throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. In these communities, whether in San Francisco or in the woods, no one will ever have to pay rent and housing will be free. With this three billion from Google, we will solve the housing crisis in the Bay Area and prove to the world that an anarchist world is not only possible but in fact irrepressible. If given the chance, most humans will pursue a course towards increased freedom and greater liberty. As it stands, only people like Kevin Rose are given the opportunity to reshape their world, and look at what they do with those opportunities.


In January, if you recall, Google X developer Anthony Levandowski's Berkeley home also played host to a similar protest. Levandowski's lab was responsible for Google Street Views and the now infamous Glass.

[image via Instagram/Kevin Rose]