According to Mountain View police, students as young as 13 years old have been spotted using and dealing drugs at Mountain View High School in Silicon Valley. After one student overdosed last month on an LSD-like hallucinogen known as "DOC," school police officers gave parents a refresher course on how to talk to their kids about drugs.

According to the fuzz, DOC can cause "zombie-like" behavior, nausea, chest pains, difficulty breathing and extreme thirst. According to Erowid user Xorkoth, on the other hand, it is the "glorious pinnacle of the evolution of psychedelic drugs" and will tune a user into "that dance of life, the beautiful rhythm that everything is a part of, dancing to the heartbeat of the universe."

The March 11th overdose was the first time the drug had been seen in Mountain View, police explained, but it wasn't the first time they had witnessed local teens taking drugs to enhance their schoolgoing experience. School police officer Ronald Cooper says that booze, weed and ecstasy are popular and he's even busted a couple of teens on ecstasy at school. "I did find two girls who had dilated pupils and they told me which student sold it to them," Cooper told a gathering of about 80 concerned Mountain View parents.

Marijuana, meanwhile, remains as popular as ever with teens on the peninsula and Cooper used the sober meeting to school parents on the many places students can hide their stash. According to KTVU's report from last night's meeting, Cooper narced on everybody by showing off shoes and hats with hidden pill compartments and airtight pens that could be used to stash weed without the tell-tale scent.

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