We urge you to spend today playing QBert and Super Mario, Galaga, Tron, and Dig Dug in anticipation of the Castro's upcoming gay bar that will feature a slew of classic arcade games.

Shawn Vergara, owner of Blackbird, and Tiffany Vergara Chung, business manager at Blackbird, plan on opening a beer-themed arcade bar at the new mixed-used space at 2200 Market Street. While the new bar's name remains a mystery (right now it's dubbed "Project 22"), they'll have old games for your playing pleasure.

BAR notes: "In addition to a bottle-cap bar top, the main feature of the as-yet unnamed bar will be its classic, coin-operated arcade games, such as Pac-Man and Galaga. They plan to open with 10 game consoles and hope to add more in the future."

Why only 10 games? An old 1930s gambling law, it seems, put a cap on them. "Due to current city codes, they are capped at having just 10 games instead of the 20-plus they would like to have," the BAR goes on to report. "The restriction is due to a 1930s law the city passed...when the city tied illegal gambling to gaming."


Look for the place to open late Summer. Here's to hoping they have Area 51.