You're an educated person. You know that dance is more than just people flailing and throwing themselves around. But how much more? Ponder that tonight at Dance Discourse Project #18: Exploring Choreographic Thinking.

Moderator Megan Nicely will be joined by panelists Christian Burns, Christy Funsch, and Rebecca Chaleff to consider choreographic thinking, a term used to describe the way "ideas arise during the process of moving."

Participants are encouraged to take a look at the following articles (don't worry, they're short):

Forsythe, William. “Choreographic Objects
Manning, Erin. “Always More Than One: Individuation’s Dance
Rethorst, Susan. “A Choreographic Mind.”
O’Connor, Tere. “Claudia LaRocco Presents: An Interview with Tere O’Connor

as the panel is expected to "examine these ideas and their usefulness in understanding choreography as thinking, moving, speaking and writing."

"Many contemporary artists use [choreographic thinking] to resist the common perception that dance needs outside ideas to incite action or requires language in order to be understood by audiences," CounterPULSE's Jason McArthur says.

"'Choreographic thinking' instead poses that choreography is a process of articulation that rewrites itself with unpredictable outcomes, further suggesting that dance can move beyond itself to affect social and political realms."

What: Dance Discourse Project #18: Exploring Choreographic Thinking
Where: CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission St. at 9th Street
When: 7:30 PM
Cost: Free, but please RSVP here.