Poor Ed Jew! Not only is he doomed to spend the rest of his life with "disgraced" and "former" in front of his name, but he's in terrible danger of losing his crown as SF's most embarrassingly corrupt politician of this millennium. How quaint Jew's residency lies slash bubble tea corruption thing seems now that we have suspended Senator Leland Yee, his buddy Shrimp Boy and a 137 page criminal complaint to kick around. And to add insult to injury, this Friday Jew s expected to head back to jail.

Which, is anyone else a little surprised by this? Surely some of you wondered, at the news that the Ghee Kung Tong Supreme Lodge (just steps from Jew's family flower shop/shower) was raided, if there was some sort of connection between Jew's desire to get out of his final sentence and the busts. Or maybe I just watch too many TV shows in which the convict offers information to get out of jail time. Perhaps that, like film and television depictions of bloggers as angry slob rejects, is total fiction.

Because if a deal was struck, everyone involved is doing a great job of hiding it. Assistant District Attorney Alex Bastian has told the Ex that, despite the Jew team's best efforts, the disgraced former (see what we did there?) Supervisor is expected to turn himself in to the SF Sheriff's Department on Friday to serve his one-year sentence for lying and saying he lived in San Francisco, when he did not.

Assuming this all goes through as planned, I guess this is goodbye for now, Ed. See you next year!