Last week we brought you SFist's first ever, statistically driven, entirely objective list of the top 25 restaurants in the Bay Area, based entirely on a calculation that drew on the raves, star ratings, and best-of listings those restaurants have received from a dozen different publications and guidebooks over the last few years. The methodology was created by the -ist network's data guru, Steven Melendez, and this week we apply it using a different scale of Zagat's average price indicator for a meal, giving you an accolades-per-penny model, if you will. This vaults a slightly different set of restaurants to the top of the list because they're both widely buzzed about and inexpensive, comparatively. (No one's going to say that Slanted Door is a great bargain, for instance, but restaurants at a somewhat similar price point that are more widely acclaimed do make it here, like Namu Gaji and SPQR.)

Points were given to each place thusly:

Below, the top 25 best meal deals, relatively speaking, in town, all in a handy map.

Steven Melendez is a Brooklyn-based independent journalist who was previously a full-time member of WNYC's Data News Team.