Today in Oh No, Leland Yee!, we've got a few new tidbits to offer since the nascent scandal broke on Wednesday — namely, Raymond 'Shrimp Boy' Chow is now an animated crustacean, Yee gave it to M.I.L.F, and a looming job suspension.

First up, his current job teeters on the edge. Although Yee withdrew from the California Secretary of State race on Thursday, he has to step down from his current senatorial gig, even at the request of his colleagues. The senate will vote today whether or not to suspend him from the legislature.

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) led the charge for Yee’s suspension, saying: "We need to act decisively in order to begin restoring the public's trust...Senate Republicans agree with Senate President pro Tem Steinberg that 'that Leland Yee is not welcome here anymore and he must resign from the Senate or face swift suspension by his colleagues.' "

More to the point, Senator Mark Leno said Yee "will not be on the floor of the Senate ever again." Ouch.

Next, Taiwanese media outfit Next Media Animation came up with an animated video of the scandal. Naturally. In it we see Yee as a crazy gun dealer, undercover FBI agents, and (best of all) Raymond 'Shrimp Boy' Chow as an actual crustacean. (Sadly, Chow and a hot crustacean band do not sing "Under the Sea.")

Check it:

And finally, the Muslim organization in the Philippines that Yee was allegedly going to facilitate arms dealing from was called M.I.L.F. (i.e., The Moro Islamic Liberation Front). Get it? You get it. (For those following the criminal complaint closely, check out page 100 for more details.) Anyway this ought to sit well with fringe neocons already fuming (understandably so) about Yee's anti-gun hypocrisy. God save the California Democrats, whose dominance in both chambers of the Legislature hangs in peril!