In their ceaseless pursuit of minute changes meant to keep their product fresh, Twitter is reportedly experimenting with replacing retweets with a "share" button. A move which has some Twitter power users (and regular old boring users) up in arms.

Although nothing has changed aside from the text on the retweet/share button in some people's iOS apps, users have already added their chorus of WTFs and OMGs to the social media outrage. More significant changes, however, came this week when Twitter started allowing users to tag people in photos without using any of your precious characters and also experimenting with removing @ replies entirely.

Both moves are a seismic shift in the way the normally constrained service works, leading to accusations that the more free-form nature of Twitter is becoming too much like Facebook. But as Twitter's head of news Vivian Schiller hinted last week, the idea is to strip away all the clutter from your tweets, making the whole service a lot easier for beginners to grasp.

Anyhow, the 140 character limit still stands; you just might have a lot more room to play with it in the near future.