After a good run of think pieces, protests and, soon enough, an HBO comedy, the tech industry has finally reached the inevitable the level of porn parody/niche fetish. Frankly, we're a little surprised this didn't happened sooner.

Like the Occupy Oakland skin flick Occupy My Throat and the Scott Wiener/Scott Cox nudity ban parody, comes from the fringes of mainstream porn. Specifically, Trans/Queer/Femme porn performer Chelsea Poe, who put this trailer out under the banner of "Girl Bullies," which is pretty much the polar opposite of the Sheryl Sandberg's current philosophy. Instead of your standard "he fixes the cable?" plot line, this aptly named clip features a techie getting spanked for mansplaining. The brief, 41-second trailer is safe for work, assuming work is cool with videos of a fake Google employee wearing briefs and getting spanked:

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