The fine folks at AT&T Park invited SFist to their annual Media Day today. And what a day it was. When I wasn't fixated on the epic Leland Yee saga, I was dropping my jaw over the park's new bowling lanes (VIP only) and herb garden (where fans are invited to pluck their own fresh herbs to sprinkle over their pizzas). However, what yanked my attention most was this: starting this season the Yahoo yodel will be played after every Giants home run.

You know it. Oh, you know it. The Yahoo jingle will replace the longstanding foghorn sound that usually follows a Giants home run.

By the way, the originator of the famous howl is Wylie Gustafson, a virtuoso yodeler and American singer-songwriter who tours with Wylie & the Wild West. Yeah, so, there you have it.

Baseball season starts Monday, March 31. Giants home opener is Tuesday, April 8. Yahoo!

Bay Area Sports Guy reports that, although the yodel will arrive this season, the foghorn will remain intact. In part, he writes:

After the presentation, Alioto assured me that the foghorn isn’t going anywhere. The yodel is just an addition. However, Alioto wasn’t sure about when we’d hear each post-homer sound; whether fans would hear the foghorn first and then the yodel, or the yodel first and then the foghorn. He told me the yodel wasn’t exactly new, either. He wasn’t 100% sure, but he thought the yodel was played when the batter touched home plate back when they had a similar arrangement with Yahoo during the Candlestick days.