Sixty years after Bill Haley's version of "Rock Around the Clock” "became an anthem for rebellious Fifties youth," a high-profile Los Angeles attorney allegedly used it to fight for her right to party at San Francisco International Airport, right before her arrest for public intoxication (among other things).

According to the Ex, on Tuesday Los Angeles public defender Monica Marie Jenkins was allegedly too drunk to get on her plane back to LA. The San Mateo County District Attorney's office says that Jenkins then demanded to be taken to jail, then started, they say, screaming profanities, singing early rock classic "Rock Around the Clock," and making statements like "I'm not worried anymore, give me some cocaine."

Prosecutors say that Jenkins also threatened to sue police, tried to kick at least two police officers, and, once in jail, tried to bite a nurse.

She was charged Wednesday with five misdemeanor counts of public drunkenness, resisting arrest and assault on an officer. She pled not guilty, and will return to San Mateo County this July.

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