In today's mandatory Google Glass offering, the Stanford Court Hotel's Aurea Lounge will begin giving free wine, beer, or cocktails to those sporting everyone's favorite love-to-hate/love-to-wear gadgetry, Google Glass. Fantastic.

The rules are as follows, according to the press release:

In order to participate, visitors must arrive to Stanford Court’s lively Aurea Lounge wearing Google Glass, and take a photo of the hotel or their complimentary beverage and post it to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, tagging the hotel with the hashtag #stanfordcourt.

DO IT! Be at the front lines of the cultural war while sipping on a Ketel One dirty martini. And as Eater's Allie Pape expertly notes, "It seems insane to give away free drinks to people who can afford a $1,500 tech toy, but this is New San Francisco, after all." Indeed.

Aurea Lounge bucks the trend of other bars (i.e., Molotov's, the Willows) that have banned using Glass from the premises. Probably because "Lounge." Also because Stanford Court has been trying to reinvent itself as some type of techie hotel under its new management. You can help by not encouraging this type of behavior strapping on your Glass and heading over to Nob Hill for a free drink.

In February, if you recall, PR and business consultant Sarah Slocum made headlines after terrorizing Molotov's via her sinister, ruthless Glass.

Aurea Lounge is open from 5 p.m. - midnight, located at the intersection of California and Powell Streets