Dirty business is not uncommon on BART, unfortunately. So BART Police would like to make it easier for you, the smartphone-carrying, eagle-eyed public transit rider to report any crimes, illegal activity, or suspicious behavior. (Instead of going the normal route of posting it to World Star.)

BART Police announced today that they have a free app in the works designed to let people upload geo-tagged photos as a "safe, silent and discreet way to communicate with BART" and report crimes via their smartphones. (You can think of it as Instagramming with BART PD.) It even includes a silent camera feature so you can creepshot the creepshotters:

The app will feature a silent photo and flash-free feature and is GPS-enabled. The app will be another tool for our passengers to participate in the national “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign and act as an extra set of eyes and ears to help keep the system safe. Passengers are still encouraged to program the BART Police phone number, 510-464-7000, into their phones to have it handy. Passengers can also contact a Station Agent or their Train Operator using the intercom at the end of each train car to report suspicious items or activities.

The app will be released to the public in the next couple months and is being created by public safety app maker ELERTS who made a similar app for Atlanta's MARTA system.