According to this [OZY] article, "Eighty-five percent of all white students in San Francisco are in private schools."

How did the Chronicle get that scoop on the confidential informants behind some of those SFPD-shaking indictments? According to [SF Weekly], it's likely that the leak came from the indicted cops, themselves.

Early era SFist contrib Ted Rheingold once broke his arm during the one and only game our softball team ("The Superfisters") ever played. He also founded, and sold, Dogster. Here he tells you everything he learned about building a startup. [Medium]

Doris Day is turning 90, but she doesn't want you to bring any presents for her to her big party in Carmel. Instead, she wants you to help dogs! [AP/KPIX]

A Stanford study suggests that whole-gene sequencing, by which your proclivity for disease is determined by a scan of your DNA, might be a little bit bullshit as it presently stands. [SF Chronicle]

Fascinating post on how one author researched the Sutro Baths. [SFPL]

Bay Area child has completely terrifying sounding imaginary friend named "Black Hand." [Penny Wiseacre]

Have you gotten the Hoodline app yet? From the folks at Haighteration, Upper Casing, and Hayeswire, it's a very fancy and beep beep boop appy way to read their news! [Haighteration]

When SFPD tipped Menlo Park PD off to a bomb threat at Facebook HQ Tuesday night, police closed down the campus and evacuated the workers. Obviously, if there had actually been a bomb you wouldn't be reading this all the way at the bottom of our links roundup. [KRON]