Today in data news, London-based social analysis (read: marketing) company Peerindex has analyzed the tweets of over 1.6 million people living in San Francisco and in New York to determine what we talk about most on the brevity-inducing social network. And the answer probably won't surprise you at all.

To glean their analysis, Peerindex looked at 30 days of tweets in both areas from the beginning of February until March 5th, scouring them for the most popular hashtags. After throwing aside hashtags related to promotional stunts and commercials, Peerindex found San Franciscans are about 650 times more likely to tweet #sfmuni and 370 times more likely to tweet #muni than anything else. Since the date range for the sample also included the highly tweetable events of San Francisco Beer Week, the third most popular hashtag for the was #sfbeerweek.

Rounding out the top ten were the generic #sf hashtags related to the Crunchies, startups, social media for non-profits, the Golden Gate Bridge, BART, and Tahoe.

New Yorkers, meanwhile, spent the month tweeting about the weather. For the record, #cadrought was the 21st most popular hashtag in San Francisco for the month, beating out the obnoxious #wearables hashtag that got a late surge thanks to Sarah Slocum's face computer.

[Muni Diaries]