KitTea, the aforementioned tea house and feline therapy center is getting closer to becoming a reality. Now they're asking for some eager donors and fellow cat lovers cough up $50,000 in seed money.

Hairball jokes aside, co-founders Courtney Hatt, David Braginksy, and Benjamin Stingle will put the money towards creating a high-quality home for adoptable cats in which visitors can also enjoy sustainably sourced teas. The project is still light on the details, but the project is partnered with Wonder Cat Rescue, Give Me Shelter and cat behavioral consultant Daniel Quagliozzi to make sure the feline residents of the country's first cat cafe are as happy as the patrons. Speaking of patrons: those who help fund the project will be rewarded, according to the unwritten crowdsourced funding rules: a $50 donation gets you a free early bird reservation when the cafe opens and the fat cats who drop $10,000 can get a private tea party with the feline cast and up to 20 of their friends.

Finally, because everyone will want to know if and when a cat cafe is coming to their neighborhood, there are no updates at the moment about the location, although Hatt told SFist last month that a spot in Hayes Valley seems likely.

You can donate here.

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Cat Cafe Coming To San Francisco