Pop's, as you know it, came to an end last week. The noted Mission bar is being taken over by the fine folks at Madrone. And Friday night's adieu, it seems, was a bit of a rowdy fete. As Pop's proudly declared on its Facebook page, "To the residents of 24th of York. Sorry, we're not sorry."

Oh dear.

As for what the bar's new incarnation will look/feel like, it's too early to put Pop's on Edison Bulb Watch. After all, the place has been around for an astounding 67 years. It will take more than a few mustached mixologists and bourbon sippers and to smudge the crass soul living at 2800 24th Street. And according to Eater (via Uptown Almanac), half the staff will remain when it opens again in an estimated 3 months. So there's that too.

Anyway, what a great place, Pop's. I personally have had many choice nights there (eons ago, when I lived on Florida and 24th during a blurry period of my life), but fail to remember any of them with reasonable clarity. And that there, folks, is (was?) the magic of Pop's.