Academy Award-winning actor turned sellout turned meme Nicholas Cage has inspired one local would-be curator to do a whole show around him. As the Weekly is reporting, "DJ and event planner" Ezra Croft was inspired to create a group show around the actor, which is taking place April 12 at Balancoire in the Mission.

As you can guess from reading the exclamation-point-heavy website for the event , it's more of an excuse for a theme party, all built around art inspired by the man who turned out great performances in Moonstruck, Raising Arizona, and Leaving Las Vegas before becoming the victim of the Hollywood machine in the National Treasure and Ghost Rider franchises. "This event will have a bar!" It promises. Also: "really awesome music" and "It will also be one of San Franciso's most interesting and off the wall art expositions, EVER!"

They are currently taking submissions.

Plan accordingly.

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